Okay so now I’ll be talking about the FEP program, which can be called Freshmen Enrichment Program. FEP actually divided into 3 parts. This time I’ll be talking about 2 of them, which is GO and AO.
GO or General Orientation is an orientation which is intended to all Binusian, for all faculty and all kind of programs they have taken. In GO itself, it was divided into 6 day. My general orientation was held on 15 – 20 August 2016, or so to be called the fourth batch or DBN If you noticed about the date, it goes with 17th August between the date, and for celebrating the independence day of Indonesia, Bina Nusantara University (BINUS) held an event that consisted of a ceremony also games. To tell you fully about my experience in GO, let’s check it out.

15 th August 2016
This is the first day I stepped on Binus Syahdan Campus, and forgotten that Jakarta have a crazy and heavy traffic, I get there with 2 minutes late, and that’s because I didn’t know about the classes in Syahdan Campus, mostly I know about Anggrek Campus, but in Syahdan, the classes were divided from the building structure. After I got into the class, I met many kinds of people, and most of them (except me) are from other island such as Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and Sumatera. Many of them are talking in their mother tounge, which many of it was chinese and I can’t understand anything hehe..
That time we got a briefing session, and ice-breaking + choosing someone as the KOMTI and surprisingly, I got chosen as one of the candidate, well i get off with that chance and being just a regular.

16th August 2016
Second day, unlike yesterday, we went to Syahdan with white-black suit and i didn’t forget to bring my lunch too. In this day, we joined Binusian Journey session. Later, we have session about all of formal rules that is existed in Binus University. We also got chance to have Q and A session with AOC representative. With their explaination, all technical things such as what is required condition for taking exam, what should we bring during the exam, how to protest about our score and things like that are being shared to us, so there won’t be any mistakes.

17 August 2016
This was a special day especially for my country, Indonesia Independence Day .Unlike those past several years, it’s my first time to celebrate Indonesia’s birthday celebration as freshman. After having flag ceremony, we joined some contest like tug of war,”balap karung” and etc. Although, our class only won “balap karung”, we have had a lot of fun time there. To finish that day, we took wefie to memorize all precious time that we passed together. And not forgetting that I joined that eating crackers competition, and ended losing.

18th August 2016
Today we got something called Bunga Rampai, which was led by our tutors or BC (Buddy Coordinator). There we learnt about the activity or organisation that can be joined in Binus, also followed by the techie again about Registration, Absent, also Exams.

19th August 2016
Today we got divided into many classes, and we got into the religion’s class. We got into what our beliefs are, and do some religious activity like preachment, and singing holy song, and so more. After that we continued with 2 classes about Binus Maya, also Binus’s Vision, Mission, and things like that.

20th August
The last day of our GO, we got into our groups, sing together as the last group of DBN 08, a little bit sad when I said that though. The last time we go as a group, and soon after we broke into our own friends and saying bye to everyone, even though we may meet again in campus, or in AO, still, it’s sad. Last but not least, we actually are joining some of the UKM (College Student Activity Unit). Actually I didn’t want to join any of it, but I want things to change, so I tried to join some of them, joining some crazy UKM, and I got into 3 UKM.

As for AO (Academic Orientation)
This is a week full of crazy things, it almost going on like the regular study thing in college, so it gonna be like some exercise to make us being comfortable in our daily life later on. We got so many things like studying Computer Science, doing some coding in C, and so on.

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